ADAPT seminar

Speaker: Dr. Junhong (June) Wang (U Albany)
Topic: "First 3-D New York State Mesonet"
Room: 529 Walker Building (refreshments served)
Time: Monday October 03, 2016 01:30pm to 02:30pm
Abstract: The New York State Mesonet (NYSM) consists of 125 stations across the state with an average spacing of 19 miles when completed. All stations make 5-min measurements of standard meteorological variables plus total solar radiation, soil moisture and temperature at three levels and snow depth, and have cameras to capture images every 5 minutes 24/7. In addition, the NYS Mesonet have three sub-networks (“Enhanced”, “Flux”, and “Snow”) comprised of 17, 17, and 20 sites to provide atmospheric vertical profiles, the surface energy budget, and snow depth and snow water equivalent, respectively. It makes NYSM the first 3-D Mesonet to provide temperature, humidity and wind measurements in the lower atmosphere, the first complete snow network, the first dedicated flux measurements, and the first camera-equipped Mesonet. With 102 sites now operational, the entire network is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. This talk will give an overview of NYSM, highlight several aspects of the network, including data quality control, unique weather and climate features and model evaluations, and call for potential collaborations from the community.