ADAPT seminar

Speaker: Dr. Steven Schiff (Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, PSU)
Topic: "Does Rainfall and Climate Change Influence African Neonatal Infections?"

Room: 529 Walker Building (refreshments served)
Time: Tuesday March 21, 2017 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Abstract: Neonatal sepsis kills upwards of 500,000 infants in sub-Saharan Africa yearly, and contributes to large numbers of cases of post-infectious hydrocephalus in survivors from infection. We have demonstrated a linkage between rainfall and the neonatal cases that go on to develop post-infectious hydrocephalus, and efforts at prevention must all be directed at the neonatal infections. We are fusing satellite rainfall data with infections at the finest gridding of satellite data, and the individual geocoded village data. We are simultaneously studying the microbial origins at the molecular level, using an integrated-omics approach fusing bacteriology with genomics and proteomics. Our goal is to focus on therapy and prevention predictive optimization. This talk will focus on recent efforts characterizing spatiotemporal climate change throughout Uganda.