Symposium on Gravity Waves, 16-20 May 2016

Penn State Walker Building, Room 112
Co-chairs: Joan Alexander, Kevin Hamilton, Kaoru Sato and Fuqing Zhang
(Keynote, 35 min; Invited talk, 25 min each; oral presentation 15 min each)

All oral sessions locate in 112 Walker Building
Coffee breaks at Myers Weather Center and Room 627 at 6th floor, Walker Building
Posters will be on the wall of 6th floor, Walker Building
Monday afternoon BBQ at Sunset Park
Guest wifi available in Walker Building: attwifi
Upload your talk on the conference room computer before the session begins

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Monday, May 16
8:30-10:00am (opening remarks + 1 keynote + 1 invited talk + 1 oral)
Session 0: Opening remarks (Zhang and Alexander)
Session 1: Weather-significant gravity waves (Chair: Fuqing Zhang)
  1. Louis Uccellini: Historical perspective on weather-significant gravity waves (keynote) (pdf slides) (video)
  2. Steven Koch: A Review of Gravity Wave - Convection Interactions (invited) (pdf slides)
  3. Anton Seimon: Large-amplitude gravity waves as an unclassified type of storm: Observations and inferences from three decades of synoptic data monitoring applying pattern recognition (pdf slides)

10:00-10:30am Coffee break

10:30-11:50am (2 invited + 2 oral)
Session 2: jet-front gravity waves (Chair: Dale Durran)
  1. Hye-Yeong Chun: Gravity Waves Associated with Jet/Front System (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Junhong Wei: Mesoscale Gravity Waves in Moist Baroclinic Jet-Front Systems (invited) (pdf slides)
  3. Christoph Zülicke: A theory for gravity wave generation from jets, fronts and convection (pdf slides)
  4. Byeong-Gwon Song: Gravity Waves in the Upper Mesosphere at King Sejong Station, Antarctica (62.22°S, 58.78°W) and Their Correlation with the Jet Stream (pdf slides)

11:50-1:30pm Lunch break

1:30-2:55pm (1 invited + 4 oral)
Session 3: turbulence and energy spectra (Chair: Rolando Garcia)

  1. Stan Trier: Some Influences of Gravity Waves on Aviation Turbulence (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Andrew Elvidge: A new approach to forecasting mountain wave induced clear air turbulence (pdf slides)
  3. Oliver Bühler: A new wave-vortex decomposition method for one-dimensional turbulent spectra and its applications to atmospheric data (pdf slides)
  4. Joern Callies: Gravity wave spectra derived from aircraft measurements (pdf slides)
  5. Y.Qiang Sun: Contributions of moist convection and internal gravity waves to building the atmospheric “-5/3” kinetic energy spectra (pdf slides)

02:55-03:25pm Coffee break

03:25-05:00pm (2 invited + 3 oral)
Session 4: convection and gravity waves 1 (Chair: Richard Johnson)

  1. Stefan Tulich: Coupling between tropical convection and gravity waves: The importance of ultra-short vertical wavelengths (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Todd Lane: Gravity waves and the diurnal cycle of convection in the tropics (invited) (pdf slides)
  3. Min-Jee Kang: Characteristics of Convective Gravity Wave Spectrum in Asian Summer Monsoon Region (pdf slides)
  4. Brentha Thurairajah: Non-vertical propagation of gravity waves generated over the monsoon region and its effect on polar mesospheric clouds (pdf slides)
  5. Naftali Cohen: Modulation of subtropical stratospheric gravity waves by equatorial rainfall (pdf slides)

05:30-07:30pm BBQ reception in the Sunset Park of State College (20 min walk)
Hosted by Penn State Meteorology and ADAPT Center

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Tuesday, May 17
08:30-09:25am (1 invited + 2 oral)
Session 5: Convection and gravity waves 2 (Chair: Brian Mapes)
  1. Thomas Birner: Gravity wave activity in the tropical tropopause layer and lower stratosphere (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Richard Johnson: Kelvin Wave Impacts on MJO Convection and Cirrus (pdf slides)
  3. Jia Yue: Coupling between the lower and upper atmosphere via the convectively generated gravity waves (pdf slides)

09:25-10:20am (1 invited + 2 oral)
Session 6: Microphysics and cirrus clouds (Chair: Peter Preusse)
  1. Eric Jensen: Gravity wave influence on cirrus microphysical processes (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Ji-Eun Kim: Waves and Cirrus Clouds in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (pdf slides)
  3. Aurelien Podglajen: Gravity-wave temperature and vertical velocity fluctuati ons in the equatorial and polar lower stratosphere (pdf slides)

Session 7: Poster session (and coffee break)
click here

12:00-1:30pm Lunch break

01:30-03:25pm (1 invited + 6 oral)
Session 8: theory and methodology 1 (Chair: Oliver Bühler)
  1. Ulrich Achatz: Mesoscale wave dynamics throughout the whole atmosphere: Weak and moderately strong stratification (invited)
  2. Sharon Vadas: Local and global changes to the thermosphere from the dissipation of gravity waves from deep convection (pdf slides)
  3. François Lott: A new theory for downslope windstorms and trapped mountain waves (pdf slides)
  4. Mark Schlutow: Stability of large-amplitude gravity waves with non-uniform stratification (pdf slides)
  5. Brian Laughman: An Investigation of Gravity Wave Transmission and Reflection Dynamics Due to Atmospheric Inversion Layers and Instability (pdf slides)
  6. Ling Wang: Mixing and Instability Characteristics in the Middle Atmosphere from simulations of Gravity Wave Propagation in Different Stratification and Shear Environments (pdf slides)
  7. Bruno Ribstein: The interaction between gravity waves and solar tides: results from 4-D ray tracing fully coupled to a linear tidal model (pdf slides)

03:25-03:55pm Coffee break

03:55-05:50pm (1 invited + 5 oral)
Session 9: theory and methodology 2 (Chair: François Lott)
  1. Riwal Plougonven: The relation between gravity wave momentum fluxes and background wind speed (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Dale Durran: The relative importance of the boundary layer and the stratosphere in the dissipation of trapped lee waves (pdf slides)
  3. Vera Bense: Impact of Tropopause Properties on Gravity Waves – Realistic Case Studies (pdf slides)
  4. Steffen Hien: Gravity wave emission and propagation in the differentially heated rotating annulus experiment (pdf slides)
  5. Norihiko Sugimoto: Generation and impact of gravity waves from the dipole (pdf slides)
  6. Gergely Bölöni: On the numerical implementation of a fully coupled gravity-wave ray tracer in atmospheric models (pdf slides)

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Wednesday, May 18
08:30-09:55am (1 invited + 4 oral)
Session 10: observations 1 (Chair: Han-Li Liu)
  1. Albert Hertzog: Full gravity-wave characteristics inferred from long-duration balloon flights in the tropics and over Antarctica (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Robert Vincent: Superpressure balloon studies of atmospheric gravity waves in the stratosphere (pdf slides)
  3. Nicholas Mitchell: SG-WEX: The South Georgia Wave Experiment (pdf slides)
  4. Ryosuke Shibuya: Inertia-gravity waves in the mesosphere observed by the PANSY radar (pdf slides)
  5. Valerian Jewtoukoff: Validation of the gravity waves in ECMWF analyses using balloon observations and interannual variability of the gravity wave momentum fluxes (pdf slides)

09:55-10:25am Coffee break

10:25-11:50am (1 invited + 4 oral)
Session 11: observations 2 (Chair: Robert Vincent)
  1. Jie Gong: Satellite Perspective of Short-term and Long-term Variabilities of Global Gravity Wave Activity (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Manfred Ern: Directional gravity wave momentum fluxes derived from AIRS high resolution temperatures
  3. Corwin Wright: Combining AIRS and MLS for 3D Gravity Wave Detection (pdf slides)
  4. Lars Hoffmann: Satellite observations of stratospheric gravity waves from AIRS and IASI: mountain waves and storm sources (pdf slides)
  5. Peter Preusse: Global gravity wave distributions from limb-sounding satellites, ECMWF and ray-tracing modelling (pdf slides)

11:50am-1:30pm Lunch break

01:30-03:10pm (1 invited + 5 oral)
Session 12: DEEPWAVE 1 (Chair: Michael Taylor)
  1. Dave Fritts: The Deep-Propagating Gravity Wave Experiment (DEEPWAVE): A Comprehensive Airborne and Ground-Based Measurement Program Based in New Zealand in 2014 (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Ronald Smith: Mountain wave fluxes and scales in DEEPWAVE: Non-linear dynamics (pdf slides)
  3. Andreas Dörnbrack: Airborne observations of non-orographic gravity waves over the Southern Ocean: Tropospheric or Stratospheric Wave Excitation? (pdf slides)
  4. Sonja Gisinger: Investigation of gravity waves in the troposphere and stratosphere based on radiosonde observations at Lauder (45 °S 169 °E) during DEEPWAVE-NZ (pdf slides)
  5. Bifford Williams: Mountain wave propagation into the stratosphere and mesosphere forced by moderate wind speeds both perpendicular and parallel to the New Zealand mountains during the DEEPWAVE campaign (pdf slides)
  6. Bernd Kaifler: Characteristics of gravity waves and influences of source conditions on mountain wave penetration into the stratosphere and mesosphere above New Zealand (pdf slides)

03:10-03:40pm Coffee break

03:40-05:05pm (1 invited + 4 oral)
Session 13: DEEPWAVE 2 and orographic waves (Chair: Ronald Smith)
  1. James Doyle: Gravity Wave Predictability and Sources during DEEPWAVE (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Michael Taylor: Investigating Large Amplitude Mesospheric Mountain Wave Breaking Events, and Oceanic Gravity Wave Signatures During DEEPWAVE (pdf slides)
  3. Romy Schlage: Mountain wave induced transport of the climate sensitive trace gases water vapor and ozone across the tropopause during DEEPWAVE (pdf slides)
  4. Benedikt Ehard: Mountain wave excitation under extreme forcing conditions and propagation into the middle atmosphere (pdf slides)
  5. Gang Zhang: Comparison of orographic and convective driven gravity waves over the Western Ghats (pdf slides)

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Thursday, May 19
08:30-09:55am (1 invited + 4 oral)
Session 14: Explicit simulations in models (Chair: Sharon Vadas)
  1. Joan Alexander: Tropical Gravity Wave Effects on Climate: A combined observational and modeling approach (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Han-Li Liu: Comparison of gravity waves from high resolution WACCM simulations with observations (pdf slides)
  3. Erich Becker: Explicit simulation of gravity waves up to the lower thermosphere using an idealized GCM (pdf slides)
  4. Laura Holt: Tropical waves and the quasi-biennial oscillation in a 7-km global climate simulation (pdf slides)
  5. Sebastian Borchert: Towards MA-ICON - A non-hydrostatic global model for studying gravity waves from troposphere to thermosphere (pdf slides)

09:55-10:25am Coffee break

10:25am-12:20pm (1 invited + 6 oral)
Session 15: Parameterizations (Chair: Laura Holt)
  1. Anne Smith: Using gravity wave parameterizations to address WACCM discrepancies (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Hyun-Joo Choi: Subgrid Orographic Gravity Wave Drag Parameterization for the Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems (KIAPS) Integrated Model (pdf slides)
  3. Steve Eckermann: Recent Improvements to Resolved and Parameterized Gravity-Wave Dynamics in NAVGEM, the Navy’s Global Numerical Weather Prediction System (pdf slides)
  4. Thai Trinh: Tuning of a convective gravity wave source scheme based on HIRDLS observations (pdf slides)
  5. Andrew Bushell: Physical process studies and the representation of non-orographic gravity waves in the middle atmosphere of the Met Office global model (pdf slides)
  6. Christopher Kruse: Attenuation characteristics within a mountain wave “Valve Layer” and quantification of gravity wave drag (pdf slides)
  7. Tai-Yin Huang: Numerical Simulations of Gravity Waves’ Effects on Airglow Emissions (pdf slides)

12:20-1:30pm Lunch break

01:30-02:50pm (2 invited + 2 oral)
Session 16: Impacts 1 (Chair: Andreas Dörnbrack)
  1. Kaoru Sato: A study on earth climate change based on fine observations of the Antarctic atmosphere (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Claudia Stephan: Characteristics of gravity waves from convection using idealized model simulations (invited) (pdf slides)
  3. Ayrton Zadra: WGNE Drag Project: Importance of and uncertainties in parameterizations of surface drag and momentum exchanges in weather and climate models (pdf slides)
  4. Nedjeljka Žagar: Intercomparison of inertia-gravity waves in three reanalysis datasets

03:20-05:00 Session 17: Poster Viewing and/or Recreational Activity* click here

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Friday, May 20
08:30-09:40am (1 invited + 3 oral)
Session 18: Impacts 2 (Chair: Nedjeljka Žagar)
  1. Edwin Gerber: How should we quantify the role of gravity wave driving in the Brewer-Dobson Circulation? (invited) (pdf slides)
  2. Alvaro de la Camara: The relevance of parameterized momentum flux intermittency during the austral stratospheric final warming as simulated by LMDz (pdf slides)
  3. Rolando Garcia: Gravity wave forcing and the Southern Hemisphere cold pole bias in WACCM (pdf slides)
  4. Manuel Pulido: Optimizing gravity wave parameters using data assimilation to reduce the delay of the vortex breakdown in the Southern Hemisphere found in general circulation models (pdf slides)

09:40-10:10am Coffee break

Session 19: Special open meeting of the SPARC Gravity Wave Activity
(Co-leaders of the SPARC Gravity Wave Activity: Alexander and Sato)

SPARC (Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate) is one of four core projects of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP).  At the meeting we will be discussing possible new directions for the activity, and your feedback and participation are encouraged.  

We seek to identify topics that may particularly benefit from the sort of international coordination that SPARC can assist with. Some possibilities include:
1) A new focus on resolvability of gravity waves for global high-resolution modeling.
2) A renewed focus on a quantitative understanding of gravity waves emitted from various sources.
3) Other new topics emerging from the symposium.

Meeting Adjourn

List of poster presentations (in alphabetical order) (suggesting poster size: 3*4 feet landscape)
  1. Ahmad Talaei: Investigating Seasonal Mesospheric Gravity Wave Propagation and Variability
  2. Almut Gassmann: Effect of turbulence parameterization schemes on the simulation mesospheric inversion layers
  3. Alvaro de la Camara: A stochastic parameterization of the gravity waves emitted by jets and fronts: impacts on the simulated annual cycle
  4. Aurelien Podglajen: Effect of gravity wave temperature fluctuations on homogeneous ice nucleation in the tropical tropopause layer
  5. Christoph Zülicke: Influence of the stratospheric planetary waves structure on the zonal-mean mesospheric gravity wave drag
  6. Erdal Yiğit: A whole atmosphere gravity wave parameterization and its applications to vertical coupling between the lower and upper atmosphere
  7. François Lott: Critical levels and inertial levels for gravity waves revisited
  8. Guidi Zhou: Gravity Wave Momentum Flux Simulated by the ICON Model at Gravity Wave Permitting Resolution
  9. Gunter Stober: MMARIA: A new network to retrieve horizontally resolved wind fields in the mesosphere lower thermosphere
  10. Isabell Krisch: 3D tomographic measurements of gravity waves with the IR limb imager GLORIA
  11. Justin Carstens: The Sensitivity of the Cloud Imaging and Particle Size Experiment to Gravity Wave Density Perturbations near the Stratopause
  12. Kaoru Sato: A study on gravity wave parameterization including three dimensional propagation
  13. Kaoru Sato: Climatology, ENSO-related interannual variability, and MJO-related intraseasonal variation of gravity waves in the southern hemisphere subtropical stratosphere revealed by high-resolution AIRS observations
  14. Leonhard Pfister: Small Scale Motions Observed by Aircraft in the Tropical Tropopause Layer -- Convective and Non-Convective Environments
  15. Manuel Pulido: Propagation of gravity waves in horizontally nonuniform flows under Gaussian beam approximation
  16. Michael Gerding: Gravity and tidal wave structures derived from lidar measurements
  17. Nedjeljka Žagar: MODES: open-access software for the representation of the global inertio-gravity circulation
  18. Pingping Rong: Whole season gravity wave tracking analysis applied to CIPS PMC imagery
  19. Priyanka Ghosh: Convection generated high frequency gravity waves as observed by MST radar and simulated by WRF model over the Indian tropical station of Gadanki
  20. Rosmarie de Wit: Multi-year mesosphere/lower thermosphere GW momentum flux observations over southern midlatitudes
  21. Rui Yang: A simulation of the generation of stratospheric gravity waves in upper-tropospheric jet stream over North China
  22. Simon Alexander: Southern Hemisphere extra-tropical gravity wave sources and intermittency revealed by a middle atmosphere General Circulation Model
  23. Valery Yudin: Gravity Wave Physics in the NOAA Environmental Modeling System: Improving Predictions of Whole Atmosphere Model across the Stratopause
  24. Yolian Amaro-Rivera: Comparison of gravity wave induced airglow variations using MSIS-90 and NRLMSISE-00 atmospheric density models